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Changing Our Paradigm of Death

Some religions celebrate death, certainly Christianity is one that should. I know of a religious sect that mourns the birth of a child and celebrates the death of a member with feasting and great joy. As Christians, we could learn … Continue reading

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Notes on “The Abolition of Man”

Chapter One: Men Without Chests Bruce Jenner says of his condition, “I just couldn’t continue living a lie.” What he means is that he perceives his physical, birth gender to be a lie. That perception implies that the truth lies … Continue reading

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Tryin’ to Mak…

Tryin’ to Make it Real “What is truth?” John 18:38 Is the truth important today? Is the truth important when it comes to government, business, science, education, the press, morality, or history? Two thousand years ago Pontius Pilate stood before … Continue reading

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Lincoln: The Movie

I’m debating now whether I want to go see “Lincoln”, Steven Spielberg’s vision of that president’s life. I’ve seen enough promos and heard from enough reviewers and friends to know that Spielberg’s vision does not agree with the view I … Continue reading

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Never Too Late for Truth

It’s not too late… as long as there is the breath of life, the ability to choose your way, it’s not too late. The Lord says, “Now is the time of God’s favor, today is the day of salvation.” You’ve … Continue reading

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