The Invisible Kingdom

Thursday:    The Invisible Kingdom

“My Kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36


There is a language among men in which it is impossible to lie. It is possible to be incorrect for a time. It is possible to die on the sword of one’s incorrectness, but in this language the error will soon be found out and the correction made. The language I speak of is math. Math is not a national language confined to the borders and traditions of an exclusive ethnicity. Math is the universal language. Galileo said of it, “Philosophy is written in this grand book of the universe which stands continually open to our gaze, but the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and to read the alphabet in which it is composed. It is written in the language of mathematics and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these one wanders about in a dark labyrinth.”
It is the language men use when they seek the truth because it seldom fails in that quest. No other language can make that boast, for they are all designed to enhance the lie.
Today the language of math has led us into quantom physics, string theory, ‘M’ theory and the knowledge of planes of existence beyond our world; dimensions beyond time and space. Scientists in these disciplines have now proven, mathematically, the existence of at least eleven dimensions beyond time and space as we know it. They are parallel dimensions, that is, they exist in coincidence with our own.
“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” Genesis 1:1
Did you note the plural used in the Bibles foundational statement of truth, “Heavens”. There are many and they are all different, but coincident and connected. In my novel, Kingdom of Light, I express it through a demon who says to Mike Brennan, the protagonist, “Do you not comprehend that, as you stand on the Earth, you are standing at the very conjunction of Heaven and Hell, the gate of which lies before you.”
Is it possible that life could exist beyond this dimension of time and space? Does eternity exist? The Bible confirms that it does and now science is at long last catching up. In fact, I tell you that eternity is all that exists. It is time that is not real. Time is only a concept invented by men to measure the cyclic events of the created universe that surrounds us. Men have invented many ways to measure smaller and smaller units of time. but when it comes to the larger eternity, we are lost. Light years is not a measure time, it is a scale for men to measure velocity. Time only exists in our minds.
The Bible makes reference to shadow and substance. Jesus tries to explain more than once to His disciples that the temporal world is not the reality, it is only the shadow of reality. The reality exists elsewhere in eternity and is, for now, invisible to us. Time can only exists within eternity, but eternity exists within even the smallest measure of time.
One day this temporal bubble, this shadow in which we exist will burst and disappear and all that will be left is what is eternal. According to the Bible everyone gets eternity. Remember that plural, the Heavens? Those connected planes of existence? The real question about eternity is not whether it exists, but where you will spend it. God is moving from darkness to light and He calls for us to go with Him, but we must choose our way. One way leads to shadow and darkness, the other to substance and light. At the end of time God will separate Himself from darkness and those who choose to live without Him here, will have their wish in eternity.


About B. James Wilson

B. James Wilson is an author, artist, teacher, and student of the Bible. He lives with his wife and family on Florida’s East Coast, where he serves in ministry and writes a variety of history and Bible-based fiction.
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