The Nature of Sin

The Nature of Sin – Sin is not about the things we do. It’s about our broken relationship with a Holy God, the Father, the creator of all things. Our own creator, whom Adam betrayed. Sin is about betrayal and a nature of betrayal passed on to us from Adam through our genetic make-up.

Sin is about defiance. It’s that both Adam and we ourselves defy God. When Adam was tempted, instead of defending God against His enemies, Adam chose in free will to defy God’s one rule. Adam allowed his heart to be driven by covetousness and a desire for self determination in defiance and disobedience to his Father’s will. Sin, then, is about self. It is about placing one’s self interest above a relationship with the Father in defiance of the Holy God who created you.

Sin is about disobedience. Jesus Christ has said, “If you love me, obey my commands”. So, obedience is the measure of our love for God. You say, “But I’m a good person,” this statement is usually followed by a list of sinful things you’ve never done. At the top of the list of things you’ve never done is the first command of God. You are “to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.” Have you done this? Only one man in all of human history ever has and we nailed Him to a cross. Without realization, that single act of defiance was the culmination of a loving God’s secret plan to save us from ourselves. Sin, then, is not about us. It is about a broken relationship. It is about God’s frustrated expectation in creation and His unrequited love for all mankind.


About B. James Wilson

B. James Wilson is an author, artist, teacher, and student of the Bible. He lives with his wife and family on Florida’s East Coast, where he serves in ministry and writes a variety of history and Bible-based fiction.
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