A Seed Sown 14 August 2012

Luke 8:1 – 15 The Parable of The Sower
There is no fault or variability in the seed.
There is no fault or variability in the sower.
The fault and variability are found in the soil. Which are you?
The soil on the path is hardened and compacted so that the seed cannot enter in. Instead it is trampled under foot and then the birds come and take it away, (I picture crows because it is Satan’s policy at work here). Is your heart hardened, trampled by the cruel wear of daily life?

The rocky soil is shallow, filled with obstruction and unprepared. Although it can accept the seed it offers no depth for it’s root and no moisture to keep it alive. When the dry wind blows the budding plant is swept away. Is your heart shallow, filled with obstruction that prevents the Holy Spirit from taking root?

The soil choked with weeds is soil so over used that the seed is unable to find place, or light, or nourishment. Here the seed is strangled and unable to grow. Is your heart so deep in the weeds of life and filled with the worry of it that you can’t see the light? That you have no place for the seed? That you’re too drained to nourish it? Perhaps the condition of your heart is represented in all three of these examples.

As Neil Young put it: “Think it’s time we stopped, children, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s goin’ down.”

We need to get off the merry-go-round of modern life, slow down, simplify our lives and get back to basics. “That sound” may just be God’s still, small voice. We need to prepare good soil to receive it.
The good soil is soft and broken, free of rocky obstacles, cleared of choking weeds; moistened by streams of Living Water and deeply nourished by the Living Word. When the seed falls on this soil, it becomes deeply rooted and bears fruit a hundred fold.


About B. James Wilson

B. James Wilson is an author, artist, teacher, and student of the Bible. He lives with his wife and family on Florida’s East Coast, where he serves in ministry and writes a variety of history and Bible-based fiction.
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